Provincial Capitol, 3500 Tuguegarao, Cagayan, 3rd Termer, United Nationalist Alliance
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Attorney Alvaro T. Antonio, was born in February 19, 1952 in Centro Alcala Cagayan. The second among the six children of Atty. Jose Teaňo Antonio, a retired judge and delegate in the 1971 constitutional convention, and the late Teresita Dichoso Trinidad, a former Public Teacher.

“Ambong”, as he is dearly called by his family and colleagues, married the charming and brilliant lass TERESITA GAMMAD IGNACIO of Tumauini Isabela – presently the Mayor of Alcala on her second term. Ambong and Tessie had borne 3 children namely, CRISTINA, CRISELDA AND the late Balong, the only boy whom they lost to a long-time ailment, a couple of years ago. Their daughters Tin-tin and Dadang from where the family draws strength and motivation are endowed with unique but equal values of their remarkable God-fearing, service oriented and humble qualities.

The significant years in the political influences of Gov. Antonio emanates from their brood of leaders and public servants. Thus, his wisdom that peace and progress may be attained by the sincere and collective efforts of all members of society has always been the dogma of his political standards. But his insatiable attitude for knowledge and respect for education is a legacy that he vividly recalls to have acquired from his mother.
In 1964, little ambong graduated as Valedictorian in Elementary at the Alcala Central School. Then in 1968, he received the salutatorian award when he graduated in high school at the san Jacinto Seminary, in Tuguegarao City. In 1972 he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas – the same institution where he took his Bachelor of Laws that he finished in 1976, the same year that he passed the Bar Examination with a rank of 82.15%.

Instead of joining popular and private law firms to spur his Legal Profession, the young and promising lawyer rather opted to devote his budding career with the common people protecting their rights and advocating their individual welfare. Thus Atty. Bong voluntarily served for five years as a pro-bono lawyer at the Citizens Legal Action Office (CLAO), now the Public Assistance Office or PAO.
In 1986, Atty Bong was appointed as the OIC-Mayor of Alcala Cagayan of which he continued to reach out to the poor and underprivileged people of his town. This outstanding commitment to serve has become the impetus to this elective position as Mayor in 1998 covering three terms of relentless and unwavering dedication to develop the potentials of his beloved birthplace.

The rich and cultivated lands of Alcala became the preface of Mayor Bong Antonio’s prolific imagination, and these opened the gateway to the numerous economic opportunities that is endowed this Agricultural town. In a few years, of its eleven Small Water Impounding Projects - Alcala was recognized to be the only Municipality in the Philippines with the most number of functional inland dams built. Such advancement in agricultural technology has remarkabl
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